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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Activity at NCOC, Kazakhstan, 2010

Len wrote and assisted finalization of NCOC Company Management System Documents:
  • Environmental Permitting Process
  • Environmental Reporting Procedure
  • NCSPSA Environmental Protection Strategy
  • NCSPSA Waste Management Strategy
  • NCSPSA Greenhouse gases Policy
Len assisted in organization of joint workshop with TCO, KPO and KAZENERGY in Atyrau on May 20th.he wrote the presentation “NCOC Waste Management Vision for the future” was presented by M. Robert Gabert, HSE General Manager and explained NCOC’s operating model, waste management strategy and plan, approaches, recycling and visions for different types of waste handling. The NCOC Interactive Workshops “Waste Management: Future Development and Solutions” were conducted during the afternoon session by Nurlan Aldussugurov, Gulzhan Shambulova and Leonard Hutton of NCOC and covered the following topics considered by three groups of participants:

  1. “ Recycling possibilities and opportunities in Western Kazakhstan”
  2. “Waste management Business opportunities in Western Kazakhstan”
  3. “The Role of Republic of Kazakhstan Authorities to encourage better Waste management (not just for the Oil/Gas sector?)”

Len Hutton attended a Ministry of Environmental Protection expert workshop at Kazgidromet on Municipal Waste management issues in Kazakhstan in June.

From 7th -9th July Len Hutton assisted RoK Inspectors on investigations on Artificial Drilling Islands Aktote and Kiaran in the Caspian Sea. Over 700 dead birds were identified and causes investigated. Initial investigations show that the majority of fatalities occurred as the birds – particularly the smaller chicks – fell in the protected drainage channels and sumps because of their small size and were subsequently unable to get out. Follow up work was recommended and carried out by AKCO to fill channels and cover sumps to prevent birds being trapped in future. The Venture had to pay a fine for the dead birds and Len drafted holding statements for the press prepared with External Affairs.

As part of the working group Len attended the 3 day workshop held in September on the Biodiversity Action Plan at Shell Offices in Rijswijk.

He assisted Gulnara Nurpeissova (HSE legal Specilist) organize the one day workshop held in NCOC office in Astana in December on developments in legislation on Greenhouse gases and a workshop on NCSPSA GHG Strategy

During 2010 Leonard Hutton passed training Courses in RoK Public labor Safety rules, and Blue book training and Kelvin Top-Set Senior Incident and Accident Investigator course.