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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Environmental Engineer, Regulatory Affairs, Tengiz

Len finished his assignment as Environmental Engineer, Parsons-Fluor-Daniels (PFD) International, Regulatory Affairs, SGP/SGI Project Tengizchevroil, Kazakhstan in May 2008.

He had advised and managed Inspections of environment and safety on refinery and pipeline construction sites and residential villages. Additionally, he became the water and waste water treatment consultant responsible for solid, liquid and hazardous management, workplace air and noise quality management, land restoration and day to day management of waste removal contractors. He assisted with PLSC Training as the Project closed down.

During the summer of 2008, he restarted his cricketing career playing with son George for Loughborough Outwoods CC.

Bringing environmentalism home, he saw the installation of solar heating on the bungalow, installed extra water saving butts, a Green Cone for recycling food waste along with a wormery and a tryout of Bokashi digesters(not recommended), and doubled composting facilities.

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