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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Activity at NCOC, Kazakhstan, 2010

Len wrote and assisted finalization of NCOC Company Management System Documents:
  • Environmental Permitting Process
  • Environmental Reporting Procedure
  • NCSPSA Environmental Protection Strategy
  • NCSPSA Waste Management Strategy
  • NCSPSA Greenhouse gases Policy
Len assisted in organization of joint workshop with TCO, KPO and KAZENERGY in Atyrau on May 20th.he wrote the presentation “NCOC Waste Management Vision for the future” was presented by M. Robert Gabert, HSE General Manager and explained NCOC’s operating model, waste management strategy and plan, approaches, recycling and visions for different types of waste handling. The NCOC Interactive Workshops “Waste Management: Future Development and Solutions” were conducted during the afternoon session by Nurlan Aldussugurov, Gulzhan Shambulova and Leonard Hutton of NCOC and covered the following topics considered by three groups of participants:

  1. “ Recycling possibilities and opportunities in Western Kazakhstan”
  2. “Waste management Business opportunities in Western Kazakhstan”
  3. “The Role of Republic of Kazakhstan Authorities to encourage better Waste management (not just for the Oil/Gas sector?)”

Len Hutton attended a Ministry of Environmental Protection expert workshop at Kazgidromet on Municipal Waste management issues in Kazakhstan in June.

From 7th -9th July Len Hutton assisted RoK Inspectors on investigations on Artificial Drilling Islands Aktote and Kiaran in the Caspian Sea. Over 700 dead birds were identified and causes investigated. Initial investigations show that the majority of fatalities occurred as the birds – particularly the smaller chicks – fell in the protected drainage channels and sumps because of their small size and were subsequently unable to get out. Follow up work was recommended and carried out by AKCO to fill channels and cover sumps to prevent birds being trapped in future. The Venture had to pay a fine for the dead birds and Len drafted holding statements for the press prepared with External Affairs.

As part of the working group Len attended the 3 day workshop held in September on the Biodiversity Action Plan at Shell Offices in Rijswijk.

He assisted Gulnara Nurpeissova (HSE legal Specilist) organize the one day workshop held in NCOC office in Astana in December on developments in legislation on Greenhouse gases and a workshop on NCSPSA GHG Strategy

During 2010 Leonard Hutton passed training Courses in RoK Public labor Safety rules, and Blue book training and Kelvin Top-Set Senior Incident and Accident Investigator course.


CPD courses passed, 2010

RoK Public Labor Safety Rules

RoK Blue Book Training

Kelvin Top-Set Senior Incident and Accident Investigator course

Moody International Certificate in Environmental management Systems Auditor/lead Auditor Training Covering ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 19011:2002, recognised by IRCA

Seftec H2S Training for offshore work in North Caspian Sea

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Waste and Emissions Management Advisor, NCOC, Kazakhstan

Waste and Emissions Management Advisor, North Caspian Operating Company, Kazakhstan.

Based initially with Total in Paris, he is preparing documentation for Corporate HSE Department, helping to project the environmental issues in this exciting new development.

He expects to be based in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, later in 2009.

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Senior Design Engineering Specialist, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Len worked for Fluor Ltd (Australia) as Senior Design Engineering Specialist, Regulatory and Environment, in Karaganda, Kazakhstan from November 2008 to April 2009.

He helped to prepare project proposals for copper mining by Kazakhmys LLC, advising on regulatory affairs and environment.

The project was mothballed due to lack of funds. So he became just another victim of the worldwide recession and returned to UK.

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Environmental Advisor, TengizChevroil

Len returned to Tengiz in September-October 2008 as Environmental Advisor for Tengizchevroil on a short-term consultancy.

He advised on environmental matters, air pollution, solid and industrial wastes disposal, recycling and reuse of sludge bulking chemicals, water and wastewater treatment processes, land restoration projects.

He produced reports on evaporation pond wall reinforcement and improvement of performance of neglected waste water treatment plant.

He was also responsible for staff mentoring.

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Environmental Engineer, Regulatory Affairs, Tengiz

Len finished his assignment as Environmental Engineer, Parsons-Fluor-Daniels (PFD) International, Regulatory Affairs, SGP/SGI Project Tengizchevroil, Kazakhstan in May 2008.

He had advised and managed Inspections of environment and safety on refinery and pipeline construction sites and residential villages. Additionally, he became the water and waste water treatment consultant responsible for solid, liquid and hazardous management, workplace air and noise quality management, land restoration and day to day management of waste removal contractors. He assisted with PLSC Training as the Project closed down.

During the summer of 2008, he restarted his cricketing career playing with son George for Loughborough Outwoods CC.

Bringing environmentalism home, he saw the installation of solar heating on the bungalow, installed extra water saving butts, a Green Cone for recycling food waste along with a wormery and a tryout of Bokashi digesters(not recommended), and doubled composting facilities.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Waste and wastewater management at Tengiz

Len has just rewritten the Waste Management Plan for Tengiz. This adds to his Procedures for Disposing of Hydrotest Water to the Environment for Parsons-Fluor-Daniels (PFD) in Tengiz, Kazakhstan.

Currently he is advising on improving the Shanyrak Village water treatment works where the authorities are installing an activated carbon filter and UV disinfection to reduce levels of trihalomethanes and low levels of pesticides. He is also the link person to tie-in Tengiz Chevroil Village sewage to Shanyrak waste water treatment Plant.



Len has been a member of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management Panel on Water Supply and Quality since August 2006. He has been reviewing articles for the CIWEM Journal in 2007.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kazakhstan Safety Certificate

Len recently studied the PLSC (Permanent Labor Safety Committee) course in Kazakhstan and passed the Kazakhstan GasGorTechnadzor examinations in March 2006.

He is now a holder of the Safety Knowledge Certificate for Kazakhstan, and is now training other engineers to achieve the same award.

Sunday, January 02, 2005


August 2005 - present
Environmental Engineer, Parsons-Daniels-Fluor (PDF) International, Regulatory Affairs, SGP/SGI Project Tengischevroil, Kazakhstan.
Advising and managing inspections of environment and safety on refinery and pipeline construction sites, residential villages, water and waste water treatment, solid, liquid and hazardous management.
Workplace air and noise quality management.
Disposal of hydrotest water to environment.

May 1997 to April 2005
Environmental Engineer, Geology and Environment, Engineering Department
Saudi Strategic Storage Program, Ministry of Defence and Aviation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

November 1991 to December 1995
Head of the Water Quality Laboratory, Ministry of Water Resources, Sultanate of Oman

1978 to 1991
Lecturer/Tutor, Department of Civil Engineering, Loughborough University, Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)

1980 to 1991
Tutor, The Open University
Courses in Oceanography, S330 and Technology T102

1977 to 1978
Chemist (Water analysis), Ministry of Municipalities, Libya
attached to Central Water Laboratory, Agedabia

1972 to 1976
Principal Chemist, Department of Geological Survey, Botswana

1968 to 1972
Chemist, Department of Geological Survey and Mines, Botswana

Saturday, January 01, 2005


Kuwait November 2004

World Health Organization

Advisory visit to introduce latest edition of WHO Guidelines for Drinking Water laboratories and assess water testing facilities used by Water Resources Development Centre in Ministry of Energy (Electricity and Water) for state of Kuwait

Botswana April 1997

Kampsax International A/S Consultants, Copenhagen

Tender preparation for Water Quality and Data Management Project for DANCED sponsored project with Ministry of Mineral Resources, Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Lands and Department of Water Affairs

Oman April and Sept-Oct 1996

Glasgow Cardonald College

Training needs survey and arranging training programmes in Disinfection and Water distribution and management for Ministry of Electricity and Water. Setting up accreditation for Technical Institutes.

Ghana May and August 1996

Donor: ODA / IIED

Client: Environmental Protection Agency, Ghana
Consultant: Advising on environmental data management and storage. Checking field operations for water and noise monitoring. Assessing performance of service laboratories.

Malaysia Dec. 1990, Aug. 1991, Oct. 1994

Donor: British Council / UKM National University of Malaysia

Consultant: Establishing academic link to promote research and awareness in water quality, bacteriology and virology. Visiting lecturer, link coordinator and on conference organizing committees. Link with Yorkshire Water enterprises continues and new links established with UNIPEQ. Two national conferences organized and proceedings published. Greater awareness locally of water quality. Staff development.

Sri Lanka Oct. - Dec. 1986, Dec. 1987 March 1988

Donor: UN (Habitat)/UNDP

Title: Consultant to UN Habitat/National Building Research Organization
Project title: Establishing Environmental Monitoring Laboratory.
Recommending equipment for purchase. Design of Laboratory. Setting up program.
Installation and commissioning of equipment. Staff training. Editing planning guidelines for Environmental monitoring for Development of Urban Areas. Awareness seminars on water, air and noise pollution. Left working laboratory and trained and motivated staff.

April 1981, October 1981 March 1982, Lecturer, November l982, January and November 1985

Donor: ODA/British Council

Title: Resident Tutor / Organizer and lecturer
Project title: Training programmes for Ministry of Local Government, Housing & Construction, National Water Supply & Drainage Board
Assessing training needs for NWSDB and National Housing Development Authority. Setting up and managing training by bringing in lecturers from WEDC for short periods. Regional seminars organized with local counterparts. Trained staff at all levels in two organizations in appropriate water supply, sanitation and housing. Raised local awareness of their own potential. Institutional strengthening.

Iraq July - August 1986

Donor: World Health Organization; Client: Ministry of Health

Consultant: Conducting seminars on WHO Drinking Water Quality Guidelines, advising on treatment and analysis of water supplies.

Uganda July September l979

Donor: Inter Universities Council/ British Council/ODA

Title: Leader of Inter Universities Council Technical Mission to Makerere University
This was to liaise with the University staff to assess the rehabilitation needs of the whole campus. Repair equipment where possible and provide encouragement after expulsion of Idi Amin. Team of four academics and two senior technicians. Established confidence in future refinancing of University. Provided details for funding to be arranged at donor conferences later. Flag waving for UK government. Repaired wide variety of equipment from tractors to typewriters and computers in uncertain and sometimes hazardous civil situation.

Nigeria April 1983

Donor: British Council Ibadan Polytechnic

Curriculum design for ONC and HNC courses. Reorganizing laboratories. Delivering seminars.

April 1984

Donor: British Council; Client: National Water Resources Institute Kaduna

Leader of team of lecturers for course on Water resources assessment using scarce data.

March 1984

Donor: British Council / National Universities Commission.

Consultant: Setting up training programmes for university technicians. Assessing equipment uses and needs for university teaching. Programmes organized and proposals for funding prepared.

WEDC Conferences 1980, 1990 Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria & Kaduna.

Afghanistan July 1986

Donor: World Health Organization; Clients: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Water

Consultant: Conducting seminars on WHO Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.
Reviewing local water treatment and supply facilities, recommending equipment needs for water analysis.

Argentina September 1981

Donor: Inter American Bank; Client: INCYTH, Ministry of Public Health

Consultant: advising on design of new laboratory and reorganization of existing water testing facilities, INCYTH, Ezeiza. Training seminars.

Qatar August l985

Donor: Ministry of Public Health / British Council

Consultant: Independent investigation on corrosion in the city distribution system. Water from desalination plants was very aggressive and was attacking weak points in the distribution system causing brown/red water problems and trace metals in supply. Advised Ministry to install liming and treatment for desalination plants.

Tunisia May 1986

Donor: World Health Organization

Consultant: Fact finding for preparation of Training Manuals for rural water supply and sanitation. Visited UNICEF projects in interior and Ministry of Health staff at work. Background material, training leaflets and posters collected, photographs taken. Publication produced 1988.

UK based work

1981-2 Brown & Root UK Ltd.

Great Man- Made River Project, Libya
Investigations into disinfection of large diameter water mains, aggressive water and corrosion potential. Prevention of groundwater pollution from drilling camps, advising on suitable sanitation.

1982 Watson Hawksley Consulting Engineers

Design of vehicle based water testing and environmental monitoring for Ministry of Public Health, Qatar


Testing and improving performance characteristics of point of use devices for water treatment including membrane filters, KDF, iodized resins, activated carbons and spiral wound filters for several commercial companies.


BPCC Nottingham
Investigation into dosing of cooling water systems for printing works. Testing for bacteria and sampling for Legionella. Remedial work recommended.

1990 Dunlop Oil and Marine

Performance studies of low pressure diffuse fine bubble aerator systems using pilot plant

1990 Leicestershire County Council

Evaluating various methods of treating landfill leachate to reduce ammonia levels to meet discharge consent levels. Study of trends in ammonia levels with time and rainfall events.

1996 November, Bangor University, Centre for Arid Zone Studies and Loughborough University

Lectures, field work and laboratory exercises on water quality for M.Sc. course. Design of module and examination questions and coursework marking.